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    Blood Pressure Bladder
    Blood Pressure Bladder
    Blood Pressure Bladder

    Blood Pressure Bladder

    Item no: MBP-1

    Place of Origin: Danyang, China

    MOQ: 2000pcs

    Supply Ability: 300,000pcs/month

    Port: Shanghai, Ningbo etc

    • Description

    ? The most used plastic bladder/pvc bag for sphygmomanometer/blood pressure monitor.Both one tube & two tube design available;

    ? Best heat sealing/welding process, air tightness guarantee;

    ? Made of eco-friendly PVC, 6p free;

    ? Specification

    PVC bladderItem NoSizeColorLogoRemark
    MBP-112*22cmBlack, greySilk printWith two 50cm tubing
    MBP-2 13.5*24cmBlueWith two connector on the bottom
    MBP-312.5*24cmBlack, greyWith one connector on the body
    MBP-48*15cmgreyWith/without one 50cm tubing
    MBP-5Ф21cmPink, purple
    MBP-6L21cmBlack, purple

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